Yeah, there’s definitely going to be no HR this week. Every time I think I have some free hours to work on stuff, I get started doing that and suddenly my mom calls me to help her with something related to the million guests that are showing up sometime this afternoon. Granted, if I’d actually been working on HR during those snatches where I worked on anything, there might still be pages this week. But I didn’t, so there aren’t. Too bad. Right now is another such moment, and I think first I’ma work on an exchange piece and then maybe a story. Though it still depends entirely on my mom XD

Last night I dreamed that I lived in a house that was in a zoo. And when I’d moved in they’d given me a number to call if I happened across any escaped animals. Well, apparently, I had about a million escaped animals in my house because I liked them so much I didn’t want to call to have them removed. But the tigers were breeding and there were getting to be too many of them and they were dangerous, so I decided to call. And I had a giant gym in my basement.