Today at practice I got a great compliment. You see, I am not a very good singer. I sing second soprano because it’s nicer not to have to hit the really high notes… but I can’t always find the second soprano notes because of sucking. So when I do I am really pleased XD Anyway, today was dress rehearsal and we were all standing where we would stand for the performances. I ended up next to this really really loud lady that blasts vibrato-heavy first soprano right into my ear. Mom always tries to get her to blend, but to little avail. At first I was afraid that I was never going to be able to find my correct part again wis this trumpet lady next to me, but it actually wasn’t too bad. And at one point, after a song I felt I’d done pretty well, the two ladies in front of me turned around and asked Trumpet Lady if she was singing second. She replied in the negative, and I mentioned that I was. They said, “Oh, well, we can hear you, and we’re following you because you’re strong.” I was so pleased. Not only did I seem to be hitting the right notes, they could actually hear me even wis Trumpet Lady next to me ^__^

Tonight was also the first performance. One of the soloists in the middle of her solo started flexing her hands in a strange way, and then stopped singing. She said something to mom and then left the room, and one of the other soloists had to step up and take over out of the blue for the rest of the song and for the duet later. Apparently the first one was having chest pains and numbness! This is a bad one. I don’t know what became of her.

All in all it felt like it went well, but could have gone better. Tomorrow night’s performance probably will go better. And then it will be over. Sadness.