So uncle, aunt, two cousins, and grandma are all gone now. Having them around was a window into that type of situation to which you have a number of strong reactions and only remind yourself as a weak afterthought that 1) you can’t really judge wisout living wis them a good deal longer and 2) isn’t your business in the first place. The long and short of it is that my uncle is in constant pain because of back injuries, but seems to take it out very unpleasantly on his family a good deal more than he should… and my aunt, though having a lot to put up wis, doesn’t seem to make much of an effort to work things out. Anyway, like I said, not my business.

So now that that visit is over and the program is finished and the guest room is done, I am back to normalish life and the opportunity to be productive. I wrote a couple of ficlets yesterday (and would be glad to write more if anyone else feels like prompting me), and feel myself quite back in writing mode. I also got my room nicely cleaned yesterday, so good jobon me. Now what shall I work on today?