Yesterday I was soOoOo drowsy from the drive to Denver and back that I actually took a nap, which is a thing I don’t often do. Then I tried to get my HR pages finished, but my hand and wrist and back were hurting way too much. So I went to work on stories, but somehow got distracted by already-finished stories, and ended up rereading my own fics for, like, three hours and then going to bed with the collar of my ego-mantle sticking almost straight up.

Today I’ve been working on those same HR pages, but, although my wrist only hurts a tiny bit, I’ve been very distracted and in the last three hours have only managed to finish four panels out of ten. So, since it’s obvious I’m not going to get both pages done before I go to work, I will finish and post them tomorrow, and for the moment try to do something from which I won’t be so badly distracted. I’m in a very very Saitou/Sano mood, so I think I will work on my ASZz faerytalk. We shall see if anything comes of this attempt.