Mostle is already leaving on Saturday, and that makes me sad. But it was an unexpected awesome to have her here at all, so I should just count my blessings.

So I thought I had all my homework done last night, but it turns out the ambiguous comment “coloring book bones” on our assignment list meant a good twenty more pages than I colored XD Tomorrow is our first test. Thursday is our second test. So we’ll see whether or not the pace of this course is going to be a problem for me; if it is, I’ll ask Kristin to halve my hours, and then she probably really will cry. I have some new Alexxisms, but I’ma wait on those until I have enough time to do them justice. OK, well, I do have to mention that she pronounces “pterygoid” “pie-itty-goid” and refers to it as a “fuh-fuh-fuh-fuh word” because it’s supposedly hard to pronounce. After about twenty “pie-itty-goid'”s I couldn’t stand it anymore and raised my hand to correct her… and she replied that that was how her anatomy teacher taught her to say it because “it’s easier to spell it right that way.”

EDIT: Oh, I forgot part of that awesome story. I said to her, “Like in ‘pterodactyl,’ the ‘p’ is silent.” And she told me that bit about her anatomy teacher, and added, “But if you want to call it a pterodactyl you can, if that helps you remember it.” And I was like -__-

Bus-time has been spent on the CoLH follow-up scene I’ve been vaguely considering for years. I wasn’t going to mention it, but it’s been coming along so well that it looks like it’s actually going to get done.

OK, now I have to go to work. These school-then-work-days are already a little wearisome…