A’ight, I have approximately eight hours before bed in which to DO THINGS, and, by god, I’m going to DO THINGS. One of them, hopefully, will be turning this entry into a real entry (via editing, since I’ma post it after this first paragraph in order to publicize my intentions).

The first thing I am going to work on is HR. It’s really remarkable how much my wrists have been hurting since I started classes… I’m afraid I’m going to have to relegate all current lineart projects to colored-pencil land, and Kokku and Bryn will just have to wait for… I dunno how long… to be finished. But my new HR coloring method is working beautifully… though the instant my classes turn into lab classes (instead of sit-around-vaguely-listening-to-Alexx’s-bullshit classes) I may have problems again.

Oh, Alexx. That’s my obvious next step. Let’s see what-all I’ve written down of the nonsense she’s said in class lately.

OK, in a PowerPoint presentation she was giving, the text on the screen read, “Nature has many great things that withstand forces like spiders web are great for bullet proof vests” Then she always says “epiphamy” for “epiphany” and leaves the last syllable off “epitome.” At some point she must have said “coincisely,” because I have it written down here, but which word she really meant I’m not sure. “Concisely” is a good guess, but this is Alexx…

Another line from one of the PowerPoints: “Why do teeth them? Why do we need them?” Then aloud at one point she said that something or other was “one of the most expensive areas to work in because it costs so much money.” This is similar to her constant use of the phrase “legally by law.” She always says “aloveer” for “alveolar” and “mylon” for “myelin.” “Without nerves,” she told us one day, “your five senses would be useless.” And once she asked us, “Are nerves considered Arnold?”

“That makes a significance about many things.” I forget what makes this significance. “You lose something a’where along this line, something can happen” — in reference to the vagus nerve. Her pronunciation of “peripheral” varies from “perpherary” to “priphrial” to “pripherary” (and probably others I didn’t write down). “For as long as the student council has been existed, not one of my dental students has risen to the occasion of being above it.” Then something about “people that are heroin,” a “male stewardess,” and several references to AIDS sufferers being “emancipated.” I really wish I could write down everything this woman says. Actually, I’m planning on finding some kind of recording device so I can record one of her lectures and create a “Highlights Of Alexx” for the entertainment and/or horror of all.

And as long as I’m writing down things from my notes… nerves always make me think of Avoozl because of the nerve room in his “body”… Alexx keeps referring to the nerve body (or perhaps ganglions; I forget) as “the Hub,” which obviously makes me think of Theo and good old John… and at one point we saw a picture of the effect too much iron in the saliva can have on tooth enamel, and I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to figure out how Mystique could get iron into someone’s saliva so Magneto could mess wis their teeth.

All right, enough notes stuff and HR stuff. But drawing stuff isn’t quite finished for the day, since there are a couple of pictures I’d like to start the lineart or at least find references for.

Ah, my Wuthering Heights CD’s are done ripping; I can listen to musics. I will start wis the Hairspray soundtrack since I had a song from that stuck in my head earlier. After that I may have to do Rick Astley. Listen to Rick Astley, that is. This soundtrack is making me want to watch the actual movie, though XD

I don’t think I’ve mentioned Zombie Girl. Zombie Girl is the most adorable person ever and I am stalking her. I mean, today I went to her work to make her borrow a book, because when we went out on Saturday somehow it didn’t end up going home wis her. And she is the cutest. It turns out I have no school next week — it’s a summer break I and a few other members of my class had no idea we had until yesterday — and so she and I are going to dew something. I just have to find out my work schedule; you’d better believe I’m not mentioning at work the fact that I’m off school next week XD

(Fiddy-fee and I should do something next week too)

I think I need to listen to this Hairspray soundtrack again. And the next order of business is to see about all these emails in my inbox that I’ve been ignoring. OK, no, I don’t want to do that at all. Instead, I will type out the beginnings of the new Saitou/Sano fic I started yesterday at school. {Distraction reading PSD comments} All right, that was some good work on that little story; that will be a cute story. Slightly obsessive-compulsive Saitou, there…

Next I believe I will look at my TPoI chapter to the melodious sound of Rick Astley. Okiday, I think that chapter is ready to go. But, purely out of the desire not to spoil my perfect chapter-scribble record, I’m not going to post it quite yet… let me see if I can come up wis a scribble to go wis it first… Mr. Astley’s greatest hits are out of the way by now, and I am listening to Flo Rida.

Success! Finished chapter and finished chapter-scribble! Now to post it! I have been so productive today! I am so proud of myself!!!