My summer break has started! I have managed to keep Kristin from finding out so far that I have no school this week, and it’s a really good thing I did… our alcoholic assistant manager Eddie finally went too far and got himself fired at last, which means we have to cover his forty hours this week… which means I’m working six days in a row now and almost every day of my break -__- Fortunately, though, since she doesn’t know I have no school, I am free in the mornings :D So here are some things I want to get done this week:

o Read fic I have been putting off reading

o Finish term paper

o Finish WoWExchange peecture

o Work on tablet art whilst I have the chance

o Hang out wis Zombie Girl

o Hang out wis Fiddychan

o I dunno what else

OK, so I’ll come back to this when I think of other stuff; I’m feeling rather scatterbrained at the moment, and I need to get dressed for my unexpected work shift anyway. The upside of it is that I get to work with Smauss when I wouldn’t have before.