Up until today, all written tests had been created by Bethany, whereas all of Alexx’s tests were projected onto the wall and we just wrote down the answers. But today we had our first written test created by Alexx. Some highlights, exactly as they appeared on the test:

4. The central nervous system houses the __________ and __________.

12. The CNS is divided into two sections; they are the __________ and ___________.

22. 8. The function of CEREBROSPINAL fluid is to act as a:
____________________________________ (Waterbed) for the brain.

25. The brain controls multiple functions name them:

27. The Peripheral Nervous System: is located outside the brain and spinal cord.

29. Name the largest cranial nerve.

30. Name the largest of the cranial nerves.

Bonus Question: Name the BLUE snail like thing in the ear that is like Dr. Doolittle’s magical blue snail.

42. Name the disorder that effects individuals who suffer from intense pain that is associated with a cranial nerve.

45. The palate has three branches of nerves, they are:

47. The buccal nerve branch innervates what region of the oral cavity, _______________ and name the teeth number it innervates.

Homework 82 name:______________________________________

1. Name cranial nerve # 11.
2. It is responsible for the controlling of:

P.S. Tokio found that mouse.