I should have known better than to watch Fiddychan play Silent Hill right before bed.

I dreamed that there were zombs about. As usual in my zombie dreams, we knew they were coming and were getting ready. I put my steel-toed boots on after carefully choosing the right socks, and I was going to use my sword to fight them despite the fact that it’s… not… sharp. I wanted Tokio to be safe, so I put her in my room and made sure she had her food and water and litter box, and even made sure it was warm enough in there for her. Then I went upstairs.

P was outside doing a sort of patrol wis a shotgun. Mimsey was out there wis her being stupid; she kept getting spooked and crowding up against P’s legs, which in turn would mess up P’s aim. Some slow zombs were coming across the yard, and one was getting P because Mimsey was causing this trouble. I was going to go help her wis my axe (which had replaced my sword at some point), but suddenly I realized that my shoes were not on. Also I noticed that Tokio had gotten out of my room somehow. Then P came inside, and that was the end.