OK, I’ma try to hit all the points I’ve missed during my necrosis all week. I’m supposed to be working on HR, but I’ve put this entry off for too long.

Recently Fiddy and I went into Hot Topic, and there was a nice big display of gay stuff wis rainbows and stupid slogans and such.

And what was sitting at the top of this display, the largest picture visible? Who else but Harry and Ron!

See, on the other side of the aisle was a bunch of merchandise related to Harry Potter and the Sixth Shitty Adaptation, and the big ol’ picture on the top of the rack was double-sided, so it showed over on the gay aisle as well. I can’t imagine that this wasn’t done on purpose.

So there is this lady that comes over to do church stuff wis my parents or something (really I’m not sure why she comes over; I don’t go up there), and her little son comes too and he plays video games downstairs. He’s going into first grade this fall. Often times I will be drawing in the rec. room when he comes, and then we’ll play SSBM. He usually wins.

So the other day they came over for dinner, and we had delicious steak. He didn’t want to eat his steak, though; he was like, “It’s black… it’s white… it tastes like black pudding…” which made us all go XD At one point he got distracted by the dog outside the back door and said something about her “sad eyes….” but somehow the way he said it made us all think he’d said something about “karate mice.” So we were all remarking on how cool karate mice would be, and he told me I should draw him a picture of a ninja dog beating up karate mice. I told him I’d draw him such a picture if he ate his steak.

Peoples, he inhaled that steak. He ate it all in about two seconds. I felt so special. Then he told me what to draw and I drew.

I do take credit for the mohawk and the spike-ball on the tail, but other than that I was pretty well just following orders. He took the original home, of course — hence the dedication — but I had to scan it before that because it was just that awesome.

There is sweet snakie stuck in my window well. I leaned a rake down there for it to climb to get out, but I put it at too extreme an angle. Before I go out later (Zombie Girl and I are going to watch important movies) I will run around and fix that.

OK, what else. School. This week was the start of the new term, The Term Where Alexx Does Not Teach Either Class, and so far the material has been a good deal less headache-inducing. Of course, I’ve still had a headache all week, but that’s more from exhaustion and dehydration than rampant typos and incomprehensible sentence structure. The weather’s been really beautiful… I love the feel of hot sun on my skin… but walking two miles in aforementioned sun is kindof… tiring.

Anyway, we’ve been going over root canals lately, and why are they so freaking awesome. And all the little instruments an endodontist uses for an RCT are soOoOoOo cute. Yesterday we got to dam teeth and make all sorts of “having so much dam fun” and “hand me those dam forceps” jokes, and it was awesome.

I was planning on working on every story I’ve been working on lately today after I finished my HR pages, but it’s almost 13 and I haven’t actually done… anything… yet today except relax. Relaxing is great, but productivity is better. Ah, well. Tomorrow, I suppose. Now, what were those other twelve things I wanted to talk about in this entry…

OK, well, I can’t remember them. I suppose I will make another entry another time.