I have a really big bed: king-size or whatever. This means there’s usually a lot of junk on it, because I don’t need all the space for sleeping and any flat surface in my room tends to get used for junk. The other day at the mall I bought some Michael Jackson shirts and a Flo Rida shirt that was on sale. I’ve only had a chance to wear one Michael Jackson shirt, so the other two have been sitting on my bed since then. And for some reason, Tokio thinks at least one of them is really awesome. I can’t tell which, since they’re piled together, but she’s always doing little tapping sniffs at them, and sometimes rolling on them the same way Mimsey does on spots where rabbits have been in the back yard. And just now I got a picture of her sunngling them:

So I got a 95% on my test today. Dunno what I got on yesterday’s, since I left immediately I was done taking it on account of having gotten no sleep at freaking all on Sunday night. Last night there was the Loudest Rainstorm Ever where it sounded like an army of pennies was attacking my windows… but it was still better than Sunday night.

Speaking of nights, I have three dreams I need to type up, but I’m still not going to. I’ve been working somewhat feverishly on a project this month, and it hasn’t really been allowing me time for anything else. But that will be over tomorrow, and then I can get back to chapters and art exchanges and whatnot.

And now I will go work on that.

EDIT: BTW, my dental assistant homies have my back and will go to the Air Force game near my birthday wis me. HAH. Also (unrelated), I just realized that I’ve been drawing Sano wisout his backpack since page 14 — including tomorrow’s pages, which will definitely not get fixed before tomorrow. Suck.