OMFG, my dad is so cute. I have no words for how cute this was. He was going to drive me to class this morning, and as we got into his car we both noticed this little squishy yellow frog on the dashboard… something like what you’d get out of a vending machine; I don’t know who put it there. He looked at it and said in this mild tone of pleased surprise, “I have a frog! A frog appeared.” It was so cute I thought I would die.

I managed to leave my cell phone at home today. Probably because it was “pay a dollar to wear jeans to school” day, so my morning haahhroutine was thrown off by not having to deal wis the insufficient pocket space of most of my scrub pants. In addition to being allowed to wear jeans to school, the dollar purchased me this adorable friend:

So remember how I said my classmates have my back, and some of them will go to the Air Force game wis me? Now one of them is suggesting we have a party for my birthday (which, as I probably mentioned, is right around the time of the Air Force game). I felt so special and loved!!

Today this little kid sat next to me on the bus, and he was so cute. He had some wrestler on his shoes — I seriously didn’t know that WWE kids’ shoes were a thing that exist — and he told me all about how that guy is his mom’s favorite but he likes the Undertaker best. Then we shared some candy (wis his mom’s permission, of course). Bethany sometimes gives us candy in class, but pretty well all she has left in the bag that I really like is Smarties… and since you can only really eat so many Smarties at a time, I tend to have bunches of them left over at any given moment. Which is great to share wis kids when their parents are around to OK it so I don’t look like a creepy person that randomly gives candy to random kids I meet on the bus.

Ah, tomorrow is day-off day!! Sleeping-in day!! Working-on-every-chapter-I-freaking-have-in-progress day!!!! *___* For the moment I will work on CC, and soon go to work. But tomorrow I will be telve productive!