In my first dream, I was either reading a comic book or watching a movie/TV show about superheroes. And it was one of those series that had been invented in, like, the 30’s or whatever so everything in it was inexpressibly dorky and often inadvertently suggestive… and in modern canon all the names and concepts were the same, because they didn’t want to piss the fans off, but still dorky and often suggestive.

See, the superhero’s sidekick’s name was Underboy. And this story I was watching or reading was primarily focused on him. There was a giant battle going on between all the superheroes and the great evil. Underboy had a non-superhero friend that was an inventor and often helped him fight evil wis his gramd srab inventions. So now Underboy and Inventorboi were helping in the battle, and some great explosion or something knocked them miles away from the action, and knocked Underboy right out of his transformation back into his civilian form. Somehow Inventorboi still didn’t thus draw a connection between Underboy and his friend Underboy In Civilian Form (he must have been rather thick). Well, Underboy in Civilian Form realized that they might be killed in the great battle once they got back to it, so he decided to tell Inventorboi his secret.

“I’m gay and I’m in love wis you,” he told Inventorboi. And Inventorboi was sorry for him, since he had to confess himself in love wis Underboy. And then — this was so much squee — UICF kinda looked away all abashed and transformed into Underboy. And Inventorboi was like !!!!!!!!!! And Underboy was like, “Yeah, let’s talk about this after the battle. I just wanted to tell you now in case we die.” SoOoOo cute.

So then I was at school and for some reason my sister was there. And she and I and my classmates were all making fun of the franchise and the name “Underboy,” but all along I was like *__* because, despite his dumb superhero name, the canon gayness made me so excessively happy.

In my second dream, Mostle and Lester and I had somehow gotten captured by this underground (literally underground) slaving organization and made into (wait for it) slaves. We were at a slave training facility that was going to make us into the ideal slaves or something, and the really ironic and interesting thing about this dream was that the facility was a building that was basically the Jamboree building where I went to church for, like, ten years. The lady in charge of the organization (or at least the facility) resembled Umbridge or maybe the Fairy Godmother from the Shrekkly movies.

Sometimes slaves were released back to freedom kindof at random… or perhaps as a form of psychological torture for those that remained. We watched one family leave like that, but their teenage daughter and their baby had not been released, and her misery was very affecting as she held the baby and wondered how they could leave her; we were rather horrified at the cavalier way the family just walked out on daughter and baby. We were planning an escape in the same direction the freed family had gone, but the guard patterns were too complex and we ended up not trying.

Eventually some slave duty had us driving across town in a van, and we got the brilliant idea of just escaping in the van instead of running the errand we were supposed to be running. So we headed up a different street than the one we were supposed to be taking. Then three other cars crashed into us at the same time, totally immobilizing us in the middle of the street. Somehow I got the feeling that Umbridgely Godmother person was somehow responsible for this, and that her power was greater than we had ever imagined. Also I realized suddenly that not only was the slave organization underground, but the entire city/society was underground… so escaping was way more complicated than we had thought.

In my third dream, Hayden and I were at a talent show (again, interestingly, at a church building), and she had super powers of some sort (although she was actually Hayden, not Claire). She was using her super powers as the special effects in a play she was in, but one of her fellow actors was bitching about it… “They’re supposed to be watching a play, not your freak show” — that sort of thing. So she got discouraged and decided to leave.

I followed her out of the building toward the bus/shuttle thing she was going to take home, trying to give her a pep talk and get her to come back in. But despite all my efforts, she got onto the bus-item anyway. I was thinking that it would be really artistic if the bus broke down just at that moment so she couldn’t leave… to the point where I was actually kinda praying for that to happen. And then it did! So she got off the bus all dejected and decided she might as well come back inside. There, her fellow actors besides the bitchy one all convinced her to come do the play some more. So I was watching from the ceiling, since I thought it might embarrass her to see me among the regularly-placed audience, but I gave away my position when I shouted encouragement at her. Because her version of Cruella de Vil started playing, and I was all like, “Yeah! Come on, Hayden, this is your song!!” So anyway, she somehow recovered all her faith in her self yay the end!

In my fourth dream, there was an awesome double-sided car wis driving equipments on both sides so it could easily go either direction. All the seats were bucket seats that could swivel any direction and recline and stuff, and could each turn into a bed or a bath tub. Mom and ZG and I were driving in this car to the cantata performance, and we were late. But we got there at 1915, while somebody was still talking and before the singing was actually supposed to start, so that was not too bad. We were performing in a Blockbuster, and ZG and I were going to rent all three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies afterwards. I woke up going, “That’s so dumb! I have all three of those on DVD already!”

Then in the fifth and final dream, I was talking to my little cousin. I think it was Dranna, but she was, like, 6 or 8. She showed me a list of professions she was considering pursuing as an adult, telling me about how “scientist” seemed the best option because she would make lots of money. I spent the rest of the dream talking about grants and patents and various reasons why she might not necessarily make a lot of money as a scientist. It was… actually a remarkably boring dream.