Somebody found my site searching for “kenshin finds a man that looks like him but is a prince fanfiction.” I think they should have just searched for “kenshin finds a man fanfiction;” that sounds way more interesting.

I have today off *___* This is the second or third Sunday I’ve had off in the last, like, eleven weeks. Of course, I’m going to be working on my term project for the rest of the day, which isn’t much fun… but at least I have time for it.

OK, dreams. First dream: there was a big battle of superheroes going on, but my dream couldn’t decide whether I was part of this (as a lightning-shooting awesome person) or watching it on TV (as the friend of someone that had starred in it, whom I was bugging during commercials to tell me how it ended). Either way, I killed some bad guys and was running through some building.

This led into my second dream as the building became a mansion where various members of my family lived. This is a typical dream theme of mine: we spend most of the dream deciding who’s going to sleep in which room and stuff like that. At least we’re not describing our dresses. Anyway, I found my way to some small room where quite a few family members were, and I immediately took off my shoes and socks, which were all sweaty. It didn’t help that I was wearing four socks. Anyway, at this point I realized that we were all in this room because it was strategically advantageous for our upcoming battle wis the zombs. What is wis these zomb dreams? Just like in the last one, I was going to use my (NOT-SHARP) sword to fight them, and just like in the last one, I was trying to get my socks and shoes back on… and my socks were all full of holes at the heels. However, evidently I decided not to worry about socks and shoes this time, because then I went out into the hall and started kicking ass stabbing zombs through the heart.

My third dream was excessively weird, which I blame on being only half or so asleep at the time. I dreamed I lived in the other bedroom (where Lester lives now) and I was sitting around at the computer the way I do… only I had a laptop also, and I was using both… Except that I couldn’t remember whether I actually had a laptop, or was just imagining that I did. I was IMing Sack on one… I wonder if that was real or not XD

So then I had to do some kind of tunneling or earthbending through the ground just outside the wall of the room, but I was lazy about it or something and didn’t really pack the tunnel back in place very thoroughly. Then I was sitting in one bedhole doing computer stuff again, and now two cousins and Mostle were there. The cousins were little boys, and one of them seemed to be sort of hero-worshiping me while the other was all know-it-all like little boys sometimes are. And then outside the window we saw a party of people ride by on horses, and some of them were in a carriage… and because of the faulty tunneling, part of the wall started to collapse.

So I went to tell dad about it, and he was busy building a new laundry/drip-room like mom’s always wanted. The walls were all squishy. Meanwhile, mom was getting Thanksgiving dinner ready whilst various relatives helped her and/or ran around. Dad told me not to worry, that he’d get me new wallpaper and carpet… and I was like, Uh, the cosmetic aspect of this is not exactly what I’m worrying about…

Then I went back down to my room, and the know-it-all cousin was in a sleeping bag on the floor… he’d put Tokio in a smaller sleeping bag wis just her head sticking out, and when I lifted her up she started to explain to me how useful the human inventions of pockets are: apparently cousinboi had filled his pocket wis potato wedges, and Tokio could easily reach into his pocket and steal one to eat. She explained. Because we all know how much Tokio loves potato wedges. And talks.

And that’s about it. For now.