So in this dream, my school was in Disneyland. It was getting to be near the end of the school day, and we were all cleaning up the lab. Mom was going to come pick me up so we could go out to lunch, and I was happy. When I happened to glance out the window, I saw a dragon!! It was rampaging about the streets of Disneyland. Tori and I kept getting distracted by it and going to the window to look at it, even though we were trying to clean.

The street that led to our school was narrow, and the dragon was scuttling around in it (it was a wingless dragon). Then a semi appeared in the street trying to ram the dragon; I guess the driver thought he’d be a hero because he had a big truck. But because the street was so narrow, the driver was having a really difficult time maneuvering his truck around, and the dragon was able to avoid his ramming very easily. It got annoyed, however, and went to a spot to the left of our school building (though miraculously Tori and I were still able to see all of this out of the window), where Splash Mountain happened to be. There was a zoo beside Splash Mountain, and the dragon in its rage broke all the cage windows, so all the tigers and lions and cheetahs escaped into Disneyland!

At about this time I called my mom. I was like, “Hey, are you inside a building right now?” She said that she was, and I told her not to come out because there was a dragon and a bunch of deadly zoo animals running around. But what about our lunch? Not to worry; I’d thought of that. I could just use my hearthstone, I told her, which would take me to Booty Bay, and we could meet there and have lunch.