So in this dream, Kanye West was harassing me constantly to go out wis him. P and I were at some school or something, and I knew he was coming, so I hid in the bathroom. When K.W. came in, she told him I’d gone home… but somehow he knew I was in the bathroom, and came and broke down the bathroom door. Just to get him to stop bugging me, I finally agreed to go out wis him. “But I’m not having sex with you,” I told him. “Don’t touch my crotch and don’t try to get your hands under my bra.” Why these particular stipulations? Apparently I thought we might go dancing, and other physical contact didn’t bother me. (He grabbed my ass at this point and I told him that was OK, though it did tickle.) XD

So we went out. On the way out of the building we ran into my grandma and were chatting wis her… somehow we got on the topic of bad habits people have, and I remarked pointedly, “Oh, you mean like grabbing a microphone out of someone’s hand and saying something incredibly rude into it?” And I looked over at K.W., who grinned sheepishly back. Then we moved on.

Our date consisted of walking down the street. There were no sidewalks, so we were literally walking down the street. Eventually we came upon an abandoned school or something across a yard full of gravel and weeds, and K.W. decided to explore the building. Off he ran, and I followed only slowly since I was barefoot. As I stepped up onto the curb to cross the yard, though, I saw that at least the near part of it was littered wis broken glass. Stepping back down into the street, I put my foot right down on a piece that was there. It began to bleed profusely. K.W. came running back and started freaking out and acting like an idiot because I was bleeding. When I told him to get me a Band-Aid, he kept asking what size I needed. I was so frustrated wis him.

So I know I have some bizarre dreams, but this one takes a cupcake of sorts… mostly because I barely knew Kanye West even existed before the MTV thing the other day — and I only knew about that because two unrelated online cartoons quoted him and I was forced to look it up to figure out why they’d both used the same line — and all of a sudden I’m dreaming about him?? I woke up like XD XD XD XD