I swear to Poe I’m going to write an entry about real stuff that’s really happened and stop being so damn anti-social.

So my current teacher’s name is Linda, and she is terrible. She never has enough material to fill the amount of time we actually have to spend at school… yesterday, during the five hours we spent there, we took a test (10-15 minutes for each of the six of us) and did a 45-minute review for today’s test. So that’s about two hours… the rest of the time we spent DOING NOTHING. And it’s not like I have nothing to do; I can work on homework, stories, or pictures, or if I felt like it I could bring in a book to read. But I’m paying for this. Aargh.

Linda farts all the time. We all feel like the stupidest little kids finding this as amusing as we do, but, hell, we have to find something entertaining in this boring-ass class. Most of the time she just does it without acknowledging it, but if she’s standing close to any of us or if it’s particularly loud she’ll say something like, “Excuse me… I had my fiber bar this morning.” She smells really bad too. Just in general, I mean. She’s, like, 65, and has had a stroke in the past, so I feel a little bad disliking her and her lack of teaching ability… but what can you do? Again, I’m paying a hell of a lot of money for this.

I bought makeup. You see, ZOMBIE GIRL is quite fond of makeup, and it seems like every time we go somewhere we end up at a makeup store or in the makeup section of a store. And I can’t spend more than a few minutes in such a place wisout trying on the makeups. I found some really pretty brown eyeshadow (I love brown eyeshadow) that looked good on me, and then ZG struck the death blow by telling me I should buy it. I’m not quite to a jump-how-high point yet, but I’m definitely to the you-should-buy-makeup-OK stage. So I bought makeup and have been wearing it fairly routinely. Also I’m broke because I bought makeup.

I won’t be broke when I get my paycheck, though. Last week I worked almost thirty freaking hours. This week, to make up for that, she only scheduled me eight XD I plan on GETTING THINGS DONE. Right now I am working on Blood Contingency because that’s what I was writing at school while half-listening to Linda lecture on pharmacology. The other day I worked on my secret Saitou/Megumi story that probably nobody will ever see. OMG, Saitou and Sano are making out now. I love everything.

On that note, I think I’ll stop typing this entry. I’m tired of having this window open.