It is Gundam Wing time. Because I need to write a fic. First episode starts now!

Some thoughts, as usual:

Treize and Zechs just spent an entire scene giving each other significant smiles.

I would be downright frightened if Relena and her contingent of fangirls approached me on a solitary school rooftop like that, no matter how pretty she was. Especially when they applaud as if delivering an invitation is the greatest feat of grace and daring known to mankind. I would be tempted to ask, like Strong Bad, “What kind of cult are you running here?” and have her reply, “Oh, a pretty standard one.”

I STILL THINK THIS IS THE WEIRDEST ENDING SEQUENCE EVER. Now I must watch more than just one episode.

Well, now I have written a little vignette regarding the end of the first episode. Vera nice.

DA HA, when Duo looks at Heero’s fallen Gundam, there’s this little pink triangle next to its head for some reason that for all the world looks like a little heart. Like what’s-its-name (Heero’s Gundam) is saying, “Thanks for rescuing me, Duo! ♥!” DA HA HA HA HA, and then Deathscythe STABS WHAT’S-ITS-NAME IN THE ASS wis his awesome weapon.

What the hell does Relena’s driver think of her running off to the military base like this? Incidentally, her car is STILL an offense against the artistic sense of all humanity.

Now I have written a vignette for the second episode as well. First time writing Zechs!

You know, sometimes it’s more trouble than it’s worth to try to keep up wis what exactly is going on in this show. Half the time my impression is something like, “That guy’s from one group that doesn’t like Zechs’s group, so he’s trying to show him up. But Gundams will kill everything, so it doesn’t matter.”


And a vignette for the third ep… first time writing Trowa!

And Noin makes wis the phallic sword-tapping despite being… female. Love love Noin.

“Well, I can’t get this damn rhino to move, so I guess I’ll just sleep on its back.”

Now I have written Noin! In a vignette for the fourth episode ^__^ How I love Noin.

Oh, god, I will just never get over how incapable the people in this series are of internalizing their damn thoughts. It makes me laugh so hard when they spout random and often incriminating thoughts out loud in front of just anyone.

Seriously, Relena’s fangirls are freaky as all hell. ZOMG THE COLONIES ARE SPARKLING BRIGHTER BECAUSE RELENA-SAMA IS THERE!!!!!!1!!1!!!!!

Oh, Tallgeese.

Those silly knees.

Now I have written an item for episode 5. Duo FTW!!

And then Relena’s fangirls start getting all wet over her imaginary dress. Don’t get me wrong; I freaking love Relena, but DAMN…

Une’s nose is maybe the best thing ever.

Oh, Duo, staring at the moon thinking about Heero… some of this stuff is just so canon it’s amusing it isn’t canon.

For all a lot of the characters in this show behave rather unnaturally at times, there are a lot of little natural gestures and behaviors that are fairly impressively well thought out. Also, everyone is gay.

OK, have written item for episode 5, and I really can’t take any more of this today; I want to work on something else. But very good jobon me writing 5 pages of notes on characters and 6 vignettes! I succeed!