I have never in my life been in the habit of seeing a lot of movies in theaters. Aaaaaand I’m not given to renting all that many either. So it sometimes happens that I come across a movie at random when I’m in a renty mood and love it to death, only to discover that it’s such painfully old news to everyone else that nobody can understand my enthusiasm. For example, I remember seeing TRON for the first time in about 1994 and renting it again to watch at my birthday party… only to find that all of my friends had seen it so many times they were quoting the lines just before they were spoken throughout almost the entire show. I was so disappointed, since I thought I’d discovered an unknown gem of supreme awesomeness that was going to wow the pants off of everyone there. Ah, well.

Yeah, I just randomly remembered that.

So, speaking of things I saw a million years after everyone else, I wrote six Gundam Wing vignettes today, in conjunction wis the first six episodes. I win.