This school day was marvelously pointless. We took the test we were supposed to have taken on Thursday, but since all that nonsense last week eradicated our in-class study-time for said test, it was open book. Then we all got hour-long full-body massages because the massage therapy program was having their finals or something. We came back to the classroom and had two classmates’ presentations; then Miss Linda got through half a lecture that was mostly retread of previous lectures before we adjourned for the program-wide potluck. Nice day.

I wrote several pages on Blood Contingency, and the Meiji half of the chapter is at linear completion. Then I drew some HR panels. Now it is time to watch an episode or two of GW and see about notes and vignettes. Also random thoughts.

How come Treize and Une get supa sexy hot uniforms but all the Alliance leaders have boring dull ugly ones?

Oh, the genki combat music… it makes me laugh so hard…

Seriously, Treize’s coat-tails are astonishingly sexy.

Cat helps me wis my vignette: “hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyujuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.” I think there might be a “Heero Yuy” in there somewhere…

Aaaaah, I just love how light Duo is on his feet inside a Gundam. That takes some serious skillz. And hotnezz.

Sweet, sweet Quatre. Now I have written one vignette of him: first time Quatre! One more episode and then I must showah.

I love how Heero’s randomly standing in a random field randomly holding his hand in front of his face.

“Intel Outside??????” WTF????? XD XD XD

Ngyee, Duo just said “Heero” in the most flirtatious tone of voice.

“A Gundam?? Fight him wis the Leos!!!! Because that’s been so effective thus far!!!!!”

“Lady Une, please enjoy this fine, fine scenery for a minute while I just… take care of… this pretty boy. Don’t try to get rid of the fine, fine scenery. Nothing interesting going on over here that you need to see.”

Yeah……. Treize likes the idea of Wufei coming again and again.

Oops, Duo didn’t know Heero’s name until this episode. Gotta go back and fix my #5 vignette. NOW IT IS FIXED. That actually made that one a lot more fun. I think I will write another Duo one now. MmmmmmmDuo. I really should write Wufei or Treize, but… I just… don’t like them… all that much. Maybe after some more episodes and notes taken I shall… I’m liking Heero, Trowa, and Catharine a lot more this time around.

That one turned out to be more than a page long. The first such one! And now I am done Winging for the night and will go to one showah.