I was going to do things wis ZOMBIE GIRL this evening, but she rescheduled for tomorrow. So now I am Gundam Winging again.

OK, who the hell let Otto get onto a plane wis untreated injuries such as broken ribs in the first place?


OH GOD THEY’RE PLAYING BASKETBALL. Of course they have magical super-sweet basketball skillz because of also being Gundam pilots. Also because of the POWER OF LOVE. Oh, god, and then Duo deliberately puts his hand on Heero’s shoulder and waves brightly at Heero’s fangirls. Try to be a little less subtle, there, Duo, could you? I still can’t quite understand the meaning behind this obscure gesture. Yeah, my vignette for this episode may have to include gym shorts.

Oh, man, Tallgeese. Will I never get over you.

I love the way Quatre’s men sit him down in a chair in order to loom over him and lecture him. And that Quatre seems genuinely abashed. Why is he so freaking adorable. “They’re violent and dangerous, but they’re all nice guys.” *DED*

Oh, Tallgeese.

And I love how Relena looks out the window at an explosion and automatically says, “Heero??” Like EXPLOSION = HEERO now.

Zechs is just so unbelievably hot. I feel the need to draw him. Aaaaaaaaaannnnd make out wis him.

OK, there is a vignette, gym shorts and all. Of course these are essentially just writing exercises, to make sure I have the characters down, and purely in response to canon… but that one was distinctly slashy XD I blame the gym shorts.

Aight, one more episode.

XD I love the evil looks on Relena’s face during the first half of the incomprehensible ending sequence. And that rhino’s like STOP PULLING MY TAIL.

Why does TALLGEESE have a big dark round thing on its crotch…

“I look forward to the day you remove that mask, so that you and I can make out properly.” It’s really no wonder Une is so excessively jealous of Zechs XD

Every time I watch this show, I’m surprised and impressed by the quality and detail of the animation. It looks a lot better than many other series that came after.


And Trowa’s like, “…..whatever.”

OK, there is a vignette for that episode, and now I will go to bed!!!