Pick up to 10 OTP’s.

Describe them in less than 15 words.

Have your flist guess the pairings.

I’m too much of an any-pairing-goes type person to have a lot of what could rightly be called OTP’s… but this meme seemed like too much fun not to do, so we’ll see what I can come up wis.

1. Baby’s first lesbians; no, they’re not cousins. (Haruka/Michiru)
2. She turns male so they can gay it up in various temples. (Link/Sheik)
3. To him she’s like a whole bushel of apples. (Barbossa/Elizabeth)
4. A one-minute daydream about replacing gory murder with really good sex. (Ban/Akabane)
5. A cheerful, clever, homey sort of wife he can kiss on the mouth. (Jayne/Kaylee)
6. He predicts the exact moment his boyfriend’s mental intrusion will drive him to (further) homicide. (Brad/Schuldig)
7. Most Satisfying Chess Game Ever. (Zechs/Noin)
8. Histrionic spoiled brat and illiterate street punk; very healthy. (Pizazz/Roxy)
9. He sees him wipe his butt daily; they’re there. (Voldemort/Quirrel)
10. Duhh. (Saitou/Sano)

Wow, check that out! I managed to come up wis ten! Granted, most of them are more “a pairing I really like but could easily break up to facilitate other pairings I really like,” but still.