So yesterday evening I hung out wis ZOMBIE GIRL and it was awesome. We squeed over boxes like the dorks awesome box connoisseurs we are.

Then I could not sleep. I’m aware that my sleep problem is, to a certain extent, psychological… knowing I need to get up early the next day creates a sort of subconscious tenseness that is the polar opposite of relaxation. It gets worse when, lying there not sleeping, I can’t help but reflect on how tired I’m going to be the next day. As my getting-up-for-work-time (530, incidentally) crept nearer and nearer wis me still lying there awake, I was in almost a state of panic, and eventually (at 341) I called Kristin and left her a voicemail explaining the situation and that I couldn’t come in. Then I felt really bad. Calling off an opening shift at all is already a cardinal sin, and my excuse seemed rather flimsy…

All, well. I felt validated in that I didn’t manage to fall asleep — and then it was only stupid half-sleep — until about the time I would have gotten up for work anyway, so if I’d attempted to go in it would have been on not one single minute of sleep throughout the entire night. Also, when I got up later, super-mega cramps (the bowling-ball-in-the-abdomen kind) came crashing out of nowhere and offered some explanation for the raging insomnia.

Then I didn’t really feel up to writing (though the complete lack of response to yesterday’s BC chapter had, I think, something to do wis that too), so I read Men at Arms. This book, lent to me by the fabulous ZOMBIE GIRL, is the first by that author I have ever read. It was fun. Spending an entire day reading always leaves me feeling guilty and a little depressed, and cramply hormones don’t help. Neither does having called off work and being rather exhausted, both because I couldn’t sleep. Neither does the aforementioned full-scale ignoring of a chapter. Such is my current state.

And now I will go to bed.