1. Put your playlist on random.

2. Post a line of your choice from the first 45.

3. Get your friends to guess what song the line belongs to

4. Give credit when someone guesses correctly.

1. Live by the sword and die by the semidemeter_servant
2. Over and over, come on, come on, come on, we all wanted this
3. Koneko ga naku sabishige na me
4. T’ho dato l’anima… e, se un tuo bacio dà la morte… sia!
5. If we try, we shall see in this bliss we cannot feel fear or dreaddemeter_servant
6. Lied too much… she said that she’s had enoughmangofox
7. I just can’t wait ’til I go to sleep: I’ll be with you all night long
8. God is great and God is good, but God didn’t help me when he couldmangofox
9. I can stare for a thousand years, colder than the moon
10. How can you be so cruel? You’ve gone and broken every rule
11. I was workin’ on tequila and lime… I guess I never even noticed the time
12. I couldn’t sleep a wink, and I could only get unconscious if I’d had too much to drink
13. And when the night breaks through they wonder if all they lost was self-respect
14. Girl, when you dance there’s a magic that must be love
15. Kuchiteyuku hahaoya no nakigara ni tsubuyaki tsuzuke
16. When I pulled into town in a police car, your daddy said I took it just a little too fardemeter_servant
17. Let me hear you make decisions without your televisionmangofox
18. See the way the candles gleam, feel the sun throw off its beams
19. Out in the woods she navigates fine by the moon
20. There was crack on the corner and someone deadsong_of_silence
21. …gonna kill me, goodness knows
22. Can’t you see the moon is so lonely — she’s still trapped in the pain of the past
23. Play the fool so ignorant in the shadow of disdain, breeding your deception without eyes
24. Ai wo tashikametai egoist kimi no oku made tadoritsukitaiuninformed
25. Just as I believe in you, my friend, I believe things work out in the end
26. Well I’ve got news for you: I hung the moon too
27. When I lost my grip and I hit the floor, yeah, I thought I could leave but couldn’t get out the door
28. You don’t know what real hunger is; day after day it gnaws at the very core of my beingdemeter_servant
29. Get your pretty slippers on and dance out of here
30. I wander lonely to the sea… Lonely — ha ha ha — what does it mean?
31. Sonna kuchiguse wa kimi ni nageku shikaku wa nai
32. Can you break out, can you break out, will you live at your own pace?demeter_servant
33. All you could hide from what’s there, in the past of it
34. You’ll come crashing round, bleeding me, holding me downmangofox
35. I found me an answer in the form of an old man with a cardigan on
36. But then she’s never looked at me that way before
37. You’ve got me wrapped up in your cancer, but I’m not quite what you thought I’d be
38. Dancing robots… dancing robots… dancing robots… robots… dancing robots…
39. She said, “You know I used to love you, baby, but you’re thinking way too fast”
40. Don’t sail away on a crimson tide! Don’t leave your heart on the other side!demeter_servant
41. But the film is a saddening bore, for she’s lived it ten times or moresong_of_silence
42. They say you took a job spying for the army, and had to relocate with a new identitymangofox
43. So the days float through my eyes, but still the days seem the samesong_of_silence
44. You are my ten thousand roses and I let you go
45. In a twinklin’ and blinkin’ eye you’ll be singing a lullabydemeter_servant

It always amazes me, when I do memes like this, how in a selection of 45 out of 9,000 I will get multiple songs from the same album. Also, it looks like I’m going to fail tomorrow’s test because the subject matter is just too agonizingly boring to study.