Yesterday there was the most awesome. At the gas station next to my school there was a drug bust! The police used some kind of smoke bomb to get the guys out of their car! There were, like, two SWAT teams and a million polices! They got the guys on the ground and won!!! Yay police!!!!!!!

Also I got an 87% on that test I didn’t study for XD

When my cat is being a biteybii, she always bites my arm and then licks it. Bite, lick, bite, lick. It’s like she’s apologizing for biting me.


OK, not to imply an incorrect pairing or anything, but I love it when Duo and Quatre have their little talk and Quatre is like, “OK, now we’re alone,” and sits down on the bed. In my defense, though, they think Heero’s dead at this point. “Oi, Quatre! I’ve got some flowers here for you!” XD

I fucking love Relena.

Now it is time for worky.