Once upon a time today was our lab final, which involved taking an FMX on an outside patient. My patient patient was the fabulous ZOMBIE GIRL, who somehow still likes me despite all the polyester and silver halide I shoved into her mouth and the radioactive energy I exposed her to. Yay! Also, I did vera well. (Incidentally, yeth, it was romantic).

The other day on the way to work when it was -5 out, I was driving along and I saw two little girls. They had a bike and they were attacking it wis many kicks. I slowed down and looked at them in some puzzlement, and they gave me this look in return like ZOMG HELP. So I rolled down my window and asked if they were OK.

“Her pants are caught in the chain!” said the older of the two.

XD So I pulled over and got out to help them. They were laughing, but it was that kind of laughter that’s right on the edge of panic. After all, wis the pants caught in the bike chain, they couldn’t move the bike, and I think they were afraid (somewhat legitimately) of freezing to death there on the sidewalk.

“We just moved here from California,” the older explained. “I didn’t know the bike would work at all in the snow! It never snowed like this in California.”

It was a huge pain to get the pant leg out, and for a while I was afraid it might have to be cut, but we managed it. So the girls trotted off home, walking the bike and giving its sides a little more space this time. They were soOoOoOoOo cute.