I was headed to school, west up the street that I live on. He was coming down the leetle street that he lives on. I got the impression that he was stopped at his stop sign, but it’s possible that he hadn’t been able to stop at all… either way, he pulled right out in front of me. I slammed on the brake, but that had absolutely no effect, and I slid right into him. Put a nice big dent in his driver-side door. It’s possible that he didn’t even see me coming, since I would have been right in the middle of the sunrise at that moment, but still… it was, unfortunately, his fault, since he had a stop sign.

Not that I said that to him… poor kid was maybe 16, probably just learning to drive. I wanted to squeeze him and say IT’S OK OMG THIS HAPPENS TO EVERYONE AT SOME POINT. He just kept apologizing. The problem was that it’s a little difficult to say, “It’s OK,” to someone that’s now got a giant dent in his car and whose mom is standing there looking grim.

Looking at my mother’s car, one would never guess it had been in an accident: no visible damage besides a crack in the plastic license plate holder. Hopefully there is no other damage.

Accident reports are so tedious.