On Monday at school we had our Christmas party/potluck. We did a secret gift exchange and it was awesome. I’d had Bethany sneakily find out what my recipient’s favorite animal was so I could make a personalized gift… A PANDA NOTEBOOK. The cover was thus:

And interspersed among the three unlined pages at the beginning and end were these ones:

The recipient kept flipping through the pages and grinning, so I could tell she liked it. YAY. For my part, I got the BEST THING EVER —

— from Paul, for which I was very happy… I’m afraid that females, on entering a gift exchange wis a $10 cap, immediately think ZOMG BODY SPRAY AND BUBBLE BATH!! which are things that I hate. Despite hating them, I admit that this was even my first (if quickly-dismissed) thought. I was fully prepared to open a present containing stinky crap from Bath and Body Works and pretend to like it. But Paul is not female, and instead got me something awesome.

Tuesday was our outpatient clinic (the second half of our lab final, after the FMX last week), to which none of us had been looking forward. It went very smoothly, though; ZOMBIE GIRL was once again my excellent patient, and I got a good score. ALSO SHE BROUGHT ME LUNCH *________*

Yesterday was our theory final (200 questions ♥), and after cleaning up the lab and stuff we sat around for an insane length of time waiting for Silvia to calculate our overall grades. I actually managed an A in one class despite having done almost no homework this term XD XD AND NOW THE TERM IS OVER AND IT IS BREAK TIME!!!!!!!!!!! I have no school until January 11, and I am soOoOoOoOoOoOoOo happy about that.

So to celebrate school being over, Zombie Girl and I did things yesterday. Many pleasant things. She gived me a gift card to Meininger *___* I got to play wis her ball python that is so very VERY CUTE. Much like Zombie Girl herself, though the level of cuteness is the extent of the comparison to the snakie. I spent the night at her home, and it was lovely. Zombie Girl is my favorite. MY FAVORITE. And today I am thinking about Zombie Girl and pondering possible productivity. MmmmmmmZombieGirl.