Why did he treat him like that, like he cared about him, then leave him with a promise he couldn’t possibly fulfil?

You Won’t Regret It

Having been slaves for most of their lives, they know that love is both a luxury and a weakness they can’t afford; with Sano obsessing over a guard and Katsu enchanted by a newly-arrived fellow slave, however, they may not be able to help themselves. But something bigger than that is going on around them, and their growing feelings may be the least of their problems.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Saitou & Sano (primary), Katsu & Soujirou (primary), Kaoru & Kenshin (implied) | Rated 3 | | Language, violence, sex, rape, consent issues, angst, very shallow treatment of serious concepts, AU | 42,314 words | Completed 12/2009 (Rewrite of 2002 story) | ebook

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