So in one dream, this goofy guy came around and was pretending that I was Batman and he was some kind of supervillain. I played along because he was amusing. Then he got my brother in on it (as a hired thug of the supervillain) and pretended to menace my mom. So I “defeated” my brother and then “beat up” the “supervillain.” And my mom said to this guy something to the purpose of, “You were supposed to find something fun for her to do; you weren’t supposed to attack me!” And I was like MOM WOT. Apparently she’d thought I needed some entertainment and had convinced this guy to provide it. Anyway, so I dragged the “supervillain” outside, and he kept giving me this goofy grin… I return a sort of half-smile, kicked him a little, and said, “This was fun,” before aloofly walking away. I woke up feeling pretty badass.

In the other dream, I was Bella Swan (except wis a certain measure of not-suck). James had me cornered not in a ballet studio but in the warehouse-like storerooms in the back of a vast grocery store. Alice (who was human, for some reason) and Edward were, of course, trying to rescue me; Alice was actually there, and Edward was on his way. James attacked Alice, who collapsed. I guess he chose a bad form of attack, though, because it turned her into a vampire. He attacked me next, but Alice knocked him down. Then I cut his head off wis an axe. I hugged Alice, but had to let go of her quickly because she was now a vampire and I smelled so damn good. But then I turned into a vampire too, because I guess James was just that retarded. Then Edward showed up and got all angry because we were both vampires. I woke up as Alice was arguing wis him.