Yesterday I was at Zombie Girl’s home (♥) and there was her very adorable little snakie Jimi sitting there being very adorable. I reached in to see if he would bite me, and he did!!!!! He bit me so fast that I didn’t even realize he’d moved until he was hanging off my finger. He left a tiny, tiny little circular set of marks on my finger in the pattern of his leetle mouth. It was the cutest thing ever and made me soOoOoOo happy. Probably much happier than any snakebite should.

Also, Zombie Girl is my favorite.

I had a dream wherein I was a different person. I was curvaceous and had titian blonde hairs and blue eyes. I even mentioned my name a couple of times in the dream, but I don’t remember what it was. Anyway, I went to see The Princess and the Frog and discovered that Disney was doing some kind of promotion… kids would send in their ideas for new dress designs for Tiana, and the animators would do a couple-second clip of Tiana wearing the dresses. Then every time you went to see the movie, there would be a clip show at the end with the latest hundred dress designs.

Some guy that was supposed to be delivering these pictures to a group of animators didn’t feel like walking all that way or wanted to do something else or I dunno what, and asked me to deliver them for him. When I arrived at the studio where the animators were working and gave my name to the guy at the door, he announced me as if I were walking in to a ball or something. What’s more, he announced me as “Duchess [Whatever my name was in this dream].” I went in and started talking excitedly to the animators; I took care not to express any of my raging hatred at many Disney endeavors, concentrating instead on how much I liked the frog movie and what a great publicity venture I thought this dress-design thing was.

One of the animators, a beautiful woman, seemed to respond well to my flirtation with her, which made me feel a little guilty. I was aware that I was interacting with her and all the others under false pretenses, since I wasn’t a Disney employee — just some random person the actual employee had conscripted for this errand — nor a duchess or financial backer or even at all rich. Nor could I draw anywhere near as well as these animators. And that’s all I remember from that dream.