Yesterday and today I went to my very first convention!

It was… a dental convention.

For a second time, Google Maps directed me entirely incorrectly; I will not use this item in the future. So I was an hour late yesterday. It wasn’t nearly as bad being an hour late to a dental convention as it was being an hour late to a concert and entirely missing the band I wanted to see, but it was still pretty sucky. The really lame thing is that I’ve driven past the building a million times in the past; it’s on 14th street, two streets down from the 16th street mall. If I’d known it was that building…

Anyway, so I didn’t get to attend the Thursday morning lecture I’d wanted to… about which I was even more sad when, in the one in the afternoon that I did go to, I discovered that the lecturer (who was the same for both) is, like, the most awesome guy ever. Well, at least the afternoon lecture — about childs and how awesome they are — was supa cool. I would love to work for that guy.

We went up to the expo floor and it was so freaking cool *______* There were technologies all over, and they were awesome. My favorite thing was a occlusion-mapping device that takes the place of and completely outdoes articulating paper, measuring pressure, timing, and force. I could have gotten a Sonicare for 1/3 of retail price, but I didn’t have even that much XD

Today I went up there solely for a lecture on forensic dentistry. There was an interesting-looking one by the same awesome guy I saw on Thursday at the same time, so I waffled for a bit… but forensic dentistry just sounded so damn cool that I ended up going to that one. Everyone else had the same idea, apparently, ’cause the place was packed.

At one point the lady said that sometimes her assistant would disarticulate the mandible from the maxilla; lady would ask, “Why did you cut off the mandible?” and assistant would say, “It’s easier to get x-rays!” and lady would reply, “So also in life!” Which made me laugh really hard. She also made the comment, “Provisional dentures do not hold up well in life, but are indestructible in death,” which also amused me.

So it was a fun convention. It only cost $65 to get me up there (gas), parked, and fed these two days; how very kind of my school to mandate attendance. At least it was fun.