So this past Tuesday was my last day at Safeway. Joy and joy! On the way out I announced over the P.A. to the whole store, “This faery has clocked out for the last time. She wishes goodbye and good luck to all of you that will be working at Safeway for the rest of your lives.” And then I laughed like a mad scientist or something. I have a good maniacal laugh, if I do say so myself.

Then this past Thursday was my last day of school. Thank god. Now I don’t have to deal wis Alexx at all except for, like, an hour on Monday evenings during the extern meeting. Meanwhile, my externship starts on Tuesday at the ortho office ^__^

In other news, Heero and Duo have eaten my brain completely over the last week or so. I am three chapters into a new story about them. I guess I should start calling this my secondary fandom…

Also, I love Zombie Girl. She is the best.

The End for now.