Visual Art Links

Note: many of these pictures will be hidden inside chapters or stories, since they are illustrations.

Browse by collection:

Exchange art – pictures of other people’s characters. I am no longer an active participant in any art exchange.

Favorites – in case you want to see my all-time favorites from among my own art

Gundam Wing fanart

Miscellaneous fanart – a rather random collection

Original art – original characters or just pictures of random crap

Rurouni Kenshin fanart – there is a lot of Saitou & Sano in here

There are also a few pictures under The Downside of Paradise. This was a role-playing game I was in some years back that spawned some fiction, and it’s always been kindof a pain deciding whether to classify it as original work or fanwork. So it just has its own tag.

Browse by medium:

Colored Pencil – usually Prismacolor

Marker – I haven’t done a lot of marker stuff, and most of it’s going to overlap another medium or two

Pen – I used to do a lot of stuff in just pen, so many of these pieces are older ones

Pencil – for when you don’t want to lug around all those colors

Tablet – I use a Wacom Bamboo something in PaintShop Pro

Watercolor pencil – my darling Cretacolor Aqua Monoliths

Previews – just places where you can see the unfinished version of certain pictures

And then there’s also stuff I didn’t draw:

Art I’ve Commissioned

Gift art for me

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