OK, now for a longer and more real entry since I’m relatively wakeful.

Today I got to see all sorts of awesome stuff again, including the relining of a splint, which was BADASS. I’m gradually learning to distinguish between a million different types of brackets, which is also cool, and there are not nearly as many instruments as there are in a general clinic. (I go to my general clinic tomorrow, though, so good luck on me on that XD) Also, the Palmer system is so intuitive and natural; why doesn’t everyone use that?? I’m afraid it’s driven all the Universal numbers right out of my head, which is going to suck tomorrow XD

I’m a touch less tired today, and that will, of course, keep getting better as I get used to this new kind of work. My feet hurt more, but I’ma order some nice insoles. Emotionally I am the worst. I fear I’m not very good at dealing wis big changes. I’m very happy not to be working at Safeway; I’m very happy to be done with school; I’ve had a lot of fun and no significant difficulties so far at my externship, which I am very happy to be on. AAaaaaaaaaaand I’m depressed.

It’s not the first time this has happened; I know how it works. It’s not worrisome; it’s not debilitating and I’ll get over it. It’s a little troublesome, though, because being depressed causes me to make some lame choices. And food doesn’t taste as good. Ah, well.

Fortunately, I can always cheer myself up by writing or drawing. Interesting that it’s Heero and Duo this time rather than the usual suspects. This picture for chapter 2 is turning into the best thing ever *__* I’d meant to get back into the usual scribbly sort of chapter illustrations, because doing this stuff all nicely slows me way the hell up… but I started shading Duo’s skin, and it was so beautiful it turned into another full-fledged solid wax item. Well, fine. Chapter 3 can have a scribbly picture and a prompt posting time. For reals.

I thought I had elsewhat to say, but it turns out I don’t. So I will go to bed.