Mas denty

First day at general clinic today, and everyone there was exceptionally friendly and helpful. I actually got to assist already even today — because the assistant I’m shadowing remembered her own externship (from my same crappy school, even) during which they didn’t let her into the chair for two weeks — which was awesome. This doctor is really laid back and nice; he grabs his own stuff if I don’t hand it to him, tells me what’s coming up next, and isn’t at all annoyed if I forget something. Freaking awesome. Also, PANO’s *__*

Still feeling rather down, but a little better than yesterday. Still, apparently, writing sentences without subjects. Beginning to sound like Rorschach. God help me. Speaking of god, have decided I am henotheistic in my art worship.

Heero and Duo are entirely finished; I just need to color the background et al. Then I can post the chapter YAY. Then I should probably work on art exchange pieces, considering the end of the month is Sunday. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND. I am still a million tired and hurting in the foots.

I love Bernadette Peters. But not as much as I love ZOMBIE GIRL.

3 thoughts on “Mas denty

  1. It sounds like you got the perfect externship. What good luck you have. ^_^

    My birthday is this weekend, and I can’t think of a nicer present than having another chapter of your fic to read!

    1. Yeah, I totally lucked out! My two offices are across the hall in the same building, and the doc from one came into the other today and recognized me, and said to today’s doc that I’m a fast learner ^__^

      Yay your birthday! Good timing, then! I will probably finish this picture today and post the chapter tonight or tomorrow, but we’ll see :D

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