First day at general clinic today, and everyone there was exceptionally friendly and helpful. I actually got to assist already even today — because the assistant I’m shadowing remembered her own externship (from my same crappy school, even) during which they didn’t let her into the chair for two weeks — which was awesome. This doctor is really laid back and nice; he grabs his own stuff if I don’t hand it to him, tells me what’s coming up next, and isn’t at all annoyed if I forget something. Freaking awesome. Also, PANO’s *__*

Still feeling rather down, but a little better than yesterday. Still, apparently, writing sentences without subjects. Beginning to sound like Rorschach. God help me. Speaking of god, have decided I am henotheistic in my art worship.

Heero and Duo are entirely finished; I just need to color the background et al. Then I can post the chapter YAY. Then I should probably work on art exchange pieces, considering the end of the month is Sunday. I AM SO LOOKING FORWARD TO THE WEEKEND. I am still a million tired and hurting in the foots.

I love Bernadette Peters. But not as much as I love ZOMBIE GIRL.