I have this sudden urge to play Majora’s Mask. But I’m in the middle of Minish Cap and have Spirit Tracks waiting for me, so I must resist. Plus I’m being productive today. The other urge I have to resist is to work on SaS-related things all day and neglect HR. I have decided to take them in turns.

Cat is being a boredy bii today. Right now she is a bookshelf bii. Silleh kitteh. Oops, time to switch to HR for an hour. Let’s see if I can do this, or if SaS is too much in control of my brain. Not good so far… not good… not going well… also I’m hungry. Which I didn’t really notice until I stopped working on SaS. I can tell when I’m into something when it distracts me from hunger. Hah! I got lineart penciled for both pages! Now back to SaS! Ooh, linear completion. Win.

I just remembered that I had some caramel corn stuff around, so I ate that. I think it is the best thing in the whole world to discover food you’d forgotten you had. As long as it’s still edible, I mean. OK, now back to HR. Though at some point I should really start my laundry. I suppose I’ll do that right now. Aight, laundry started! Oh, excellent work on me; I have finished inking these linearts and shall scan thems now ^__^ Now I have scanned them, made the title page for chapter 11, and put together page 2 up to bubbles. Also switched my laundry out. Yay! Time for SaS!

It is time to start the picture for this chapter. First to find a model! Yay model; now drawing time. Pencilwork done, but now it is time for HR again. And now that I have both pages ready for coloring, I may abandon this back-and-forth thing and just work on SaS for the rest of the day. Because I want to post this chapter tonight!!!!!!!! Aha! I have finished my peecture! What a day! Now to give the chapter one more read-through edit, and then I can post!! AND NOW I HAVE POSTED IT!!!!! I win. Time to do other things.

Yesterday Zombie Girl spilled my pencil-sharpening box all over the floor XD There are pencil shavings everywhere now, and as yet I have been too lazy to clean them up. We watched Into the Woods ^__^

Cat is a water dregon. No mas entry.