My personal life is no more personal than a straight person’s. In using the word “girlfriend” I am not forcing too much information on anyone; saying “boyfriend” would not change the level of appropriateness of my statement. In some casual comment about the woman I’m dating I am not giving out intimate details nobody else needs to hear. And anyone that thinks it’s normal and acceptable to talk openly about her sex life with her boyfriend, but that my mentioning kissing my girlfriend is obscene, can FUCK RIGHT OFF. I’m no activist, god knows, lazy as I am, but there are some things I will not tolerate.

Edit: This has not helped with the depression I mentioned a few posts back; so far this is invariably the case after extern meetings with fucking Alexx. I was trying to work on SaS 5, but was too perturbed to think about it properly. But thanks for the nice thoughts, peoples! That does help. It’s also nice to look back on how productive I’ve been this weekend. Now I will go to bed and hope to sleep. AUGH FUCK EVERYTHING.