And a happier post

All right, gotta document some happier things now before I scream. Mondays are turning into my least favorite day of the week when I used to be quite fond of them.

You know, I thought I had the linearts done for two HR pages for today… but it turned out I only had one. I didn’t finish coloring it, so no page has appeared this day. Oh, well. At least I got my SaS chapter done, and at least next week’s pages will be easier that way.

So I’d been telling myself for weeks not to start another WoW character, and then I did it anyway. He’s a flaming blood elf hunter. I resisted the urge to name him Trowa, though. He’s level 18 and he has a wolf that he named “Snufflesluff.” He wanted to name it “Lord Snufflesluff,” but there wasn’t room. He’s sparkly.

At the grocery store I ran into one of the orthodontists I’m interning with, and he not only recognized me but was very friendly and said, “See you tomorrow.” He remembers which days I’m there. He’s the same one that’s been giving me very positive comments all along.

Last week at choir practice, we were running through the women’s number so the guys got a break. Some of thems were sitting in down on the benches listening, and two of these in particular started doing this absurd little… dance… thing. They were sitting next to each other rocking back and forth in unison, double-shrugging their shoulders twice to the beat. It made at least me (and I think some of the other sopranos) giggle so much we couldn’t properly sing the part we were trying to sing.

As always, I had other things to say, but I’ve forgotten them. At least this time I have the excuse of having just made a long, agitating post that drove things out of my head.

6 thoughts on “And a happier post

  1. *opens SaS in a new tab* That makes my morning! ^___^

    I wonder if anyone else (other than Link) will get why you wanted to name your WoW character Trowa? ^_^ I think it would have been funny if you had. What did you name him???

    That’s so nice about the orthodontist. You must be doing a good job!

    1. I like to think I’m doing a good job there. Actually, I have my fingers crossed that they’ll hire me before my externship’s up.

      My belfly hunter’s name is Bizhenel. He may end up hooking up with my human warlock. Cross-faction pairings FTW!!

      1. If I were an orthodontist’s office, I wouldn’t hire you before your externship was up: that’s three or four more weeks of unpaid labor I could get out of you, so why would I pay it if I didn’t have to do? And I could always offer you a job on the last day or in the last week.

        If they don’t hire you right away, don’t freak out, is what I’m saying: it doesn’t mean that they’re not happy with your work, necessarily; it could just mean that they’re capitalists.

        1. Oh, at the moment they have no reason to hire me; I’m hardly an expert at the trade just yet. But hopefully by the time I’m at around ten weeks they’ll be like, She’s leaving soon…. noooooo we can’t let her gooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I didn’t know you sing in a choir! It’s something I wanna do once I get a steady job. I miss music.

    Trowa? Meep?
    Lol, wolfie’s name is Lord Snufflesluff regardless what anyone else thinks.

    *hugs you*

    1. I sing in an Easter program that my mom directs every year; it’s twelve million fun. I’m not very good, but I love it to death.

      My hunter boi whose name is not Trowa will probably manage to call a future pet Lord Something, so don’t feel too sorry for him at the moment XD

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