This headache that’s been bothering me off and on for the last week has been dancing around today, and since I slept like crap last night and I have cramps I’ve felt rather awful all day. However, despite this, it hasn’t been the worst day; I got to tie/untie and remove/replace wires, which is awesome. Also ZG came over, so I got to see her.

I tried to write but didn’t get more than a page done because of LAME, so I mostly played WoW and very slowly worked on a picture of SaS Quatre that ZG told me to draw. I really should have worked on HR, but I DIDN’T. Tomorrow is a half-day at the office for some reason, which means I get to sleep in. Maybe I can sleep off this stupid headache.

Like I haven’t been saying that for a week…

OK, so, about 45 minutes before leaving time today, I got an email from my mom (on my phone) saying, “You HAD… three… yummy… delicious… Reeses eggs on your table. But Tokio and I were playing and… um… I saw them… and now you have… um… none. When you get off work I shall go to the store and replace them. Aaauuuuugh… I am worse than Cookie Monster.” This is after she ate all my Fudge Stripes yesterday XD She is so cute.