More pointless bitching about being sick and c

Well, the unexpected reprieve today was nice, but didn’t do much for me feeling like crap. I got another page or so written on SaS 6, but once again mostly just played WoW. Warriors are really freaking hard, you know that? I have a DK that’s the same level as my warrior, and he just runs freely through the same areas she has to plod and creep through. He’ll take on three enemies at once, and she has to carefully bandage herself up between each one, and run like hell if she accidentally pulls two. The really sad thing is that she was my first character; I started out with a warrior because I thought that would be a simple, easy class with which to get to know the game XD

I also took a very long bath. That was nice. My throat doesn’t feel sore at all now, though I have no doubt it will again in the morning. Earlier it seemed like I was starting to lose my voice, and it’s still a bit scratchy. Mou. The really annoying thing is that I feel my best right now… just before bed. If I needed any more proof that I’m a night person…

So last month I used more than double the number of minutes each of us on the family plan is allowed, and I had the highest usage in the family by about a hundred minutes. We had to pay an extra, like, $70 or something extra for overage. Lame. Therefore I resisted the urge to call ZG today. Which means I haven’t talked to her in over 24 hours!!!!! Unless livejournal comments count. THIS PART OF MY POST IS NOT POINTLESS BECAUSE I LOVE MY GIRLFRIEND AND I MISS HER.

All right, enough bitching. Going to bed now.

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