Recently Tokio caught a mouse and dragged it all over the downstairs landing and hall. It must have been an anime mouse, because it evidently had about a gallon of blood, which got all over everything. I’d been needing to clean the bathroom and sweep/mop that hallway and landing anyway, so that got me going XD This evening she brought a fat mouse into my room (she always brings them into my room to play wis them if I am around). It looked so placid hanging from her mouth, it was very disconcerting. Of course I always encourage my cat to catch mice, but I feel so bad for the mice… Anyway, she chased it into the closet and then under the bed and eventually killed it. Poor mouse. Clever cat.

Today I played WoW, read New Moon (*snerk*), and finished Quatre. I feel better this evening than I have most evenings this week, and have high hopes that the lame is finally going away.