Wot. Nonner.

The usual insomnia combined with a come-and-go massive congestion/sore throat thing has been wreaking havoc on me lately, and I didn’t go to work today. Instead I sat around earning a Noble title for Brynariath and working somewhat dully and sparsely on various fics. I have plenty to report of the last week other than this, but I’ma have to wait until I’m a little less dull to do so.

The good news is that I have three parts done on the new GW fic (Plastic) and SaS 7 is about 2/3 done. Also I drawed a picture of Saitou wis my new markers. It… doesn’t look very good. I only have three colors (because the damn things are so damn expensive), and I’m not very good wis them yet. Now bed.

2 thoughts on “Wot. Nonner.

  1. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. It seems like spring brings illness for a lot of the people on my flist. I hope you’ll be better today!

    I really need to friend your writing journal. I keep missing posts.

    1. I love that icon. Duo’s like ZOMG THERE’S HEERO right in the middle of his toast or whatever. I think he’s going to put it down and jump Heero’s ass next, and probably not get back to the toast until it’s all stale.

      Anyway, I got the email notification from this reply of yours at 3:30 this morning, when I was lying around still awake wishing I were not still awake. Stupid freaking insomnia.

      Normally people that friend for some specific reason get a warning from me about the other stuff they’re not interested in that I’m likely to post a lot about over there… but given how much I haven’t been posting any of that stuff lately, you’re probably safe XD

      *staggers off to work*

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