So I haven’t posted for a while… LODITEE and all that… but here is an entry. We’ll see if I manage to say all the things I want to say. Or remember all the things I think I want to manage to say.

The other day I assisted on an occlusal on a T on a thirty-three-year-old. It was uncanny and awesome. Also, recently, there was an emergency appointment on the schedule at the ortho office with the note, “Braces exploded.” We all kinda looked at each other like O_o and contacted the receptionist to find out what the hell that meant. She said, “I have no idea; that’s just what his mom said.” Turned out he just had a band off, but “braces exploded” has become rather an inside joke there ever since.

I only have five more days of this horrible fucking externship, and only one more meeting at the school. I cannot express how eager I am to get out of all of this, never see Alexx again, and get away from the general office. The ortho office continues to be cool, but I’m still really tired of being there unpaid.

Mostle and Lester have been around, which is awesome. Mostle is getting married next week, which is also awesome. So I will be away for all of next week for this gramd srab event. My goal is to finish Angles during that time, since there are a couple of, like, nine-hour drives and probably some indeterminate periods of hotel boredom during which working on that seems like a good idea.

My DS ate my Minish Cap saved game right before the final dungeon. I had put off starting Spirit Tracks until I finished MC, but now I’m playing it because there’s no way in hell I’m going to replay all of MC just to see what happens in/after the last dungeon (because, as Yahtzee says, “I’m pretty sure I can still take an accurate guess at how the story ends (the good guys win).”).

And I have to say of ST, it’s about fucking time Zelda actually played a significant part in a Zelda game. I mean, I know it’s part of the LoZ tradition to keep Zelda out of most of the action so she can be a mysterious, distant figure, sometimes mcguffin, occasional love interest, and even more occasional almost pointless secondary character (helloTwilightPrincesswot), but seriously. It’s called The Legend of Zelda, not The Legend of Gary-Stu and his Rare Glimpses of a Pointless but Pointy-Eared Princess. Even if she is characterized as more of a ditz in this one than I really like, just the fact that she’s accompanying Link through the levels makes me cry wis joy.

Nothing, however, will ever be more annoying than her turning into a hot ninja guy and then helping Link solely by playing songs at him.

So now I have turned to rambling about video games, apparently. What else did I want to say about my life and stuff? I don’t remember. Shock! I suppose I will have done.