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Gundam Wing Fanfiction

I guess that’s what we are… just kids who don’t know what we’re doing. But at least we have each other. I think.


The ambiguous comfort two confused soldiers can offer each other may be precisely enough.

Drama/Romance/Introspection | Duo & Heero | Rated 3 | | Sex, language | 1,648 words | Written 07/2011 | ebook

Sure, they’d discussed a restaurant and renting something they’d both missed while it was in theaters, but just because the resulting plan was ‘dinner and a movie’ didn’t mean it was a date. No matter how much Heero wanted it to be.

The Eyes in the Mirror

Days keep slipping by while Heero, who desperately wants to step up his relationship with Duo, the taxi driver that always takes him to work, continually puts off confessing that he likes him.

Drama/Romance/Introspection | Duo & Heero | Rated 1 | | AU | 7,080 words | Written 02/2010 | For Sharon | ebook

“A curse affects both the victim and the caster. A skilled curse-caster can bend this effect so that their share in the curse is something they don’t mind, something that doesn’t inhibit them… but even if they manage that, repeatedly having a share in any curse leaves a mark eventually.”

His Own Humanity:

When Heero rescues an abandoned doll from the gutter, he hardly thinks it’s going to change his life; but now he and his best friend Quatre find themselves involved in the breaking of a curse from almost a hundred years ago, and perhaps in falling for exactly the wrong people.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection/Humor | Quatre & Trowa (primary), Duo & Heero (primary), Original male character & Relena, Treize & Zechs | Rated 4 | | Language, sex, AU | 153,161 words | Completed 08/2011 | For Zombie Girl | ebook

It was not a scent or a visual or a sound… he couldn’t quite describe to himself what it was, but it fascinated him.

His Own Humanity: The New Familiar

Cairo thinks about the changes in his life, and about Quatre and Trowa.

Introspection | Quatre & Trowa | Rated 1 | AU, primarily OC | 1,412 words | Written 11/2015

He was in love, and, as far as he could tell, doing it right this time.

His Own Humanity: Get Used To That

A brief look at how Quatre and Trowa are doing a month after the end of the curse.

Drama/Romance/Introspection | Quatre & Trowa | Rated 3 | | Language, sex, AU | 4,134 words | Written 02/2013 | ebook

Things were gradually, miraculously getting better.

His Own Humanity:

A brief look at how Heero and Duo are doing a month and a half after the end of the curse.

Drama/Romance | Duo & Heero | Rated 2 | | Language, sex, AU | 4,871 words | Written 03/2012 | ebook

The current arrangement of lovers and friends was so neat and desirable, it would be most convenient if it stayed the way it was.

His Own Humanity: Cross-Cancellation

Heero, Duo, Trowa, and Quatre make good use of the beginning of a short vacation to think extensively about each other.

Drama/Introspection | Duo & Heero, Quatre & Trowa | Rated 1 | | AU | 9,922 words | Written 06/2013 | ebook

“Something cataclysmic appears to have happened to our Regional Manager.”

His Own Humanity: La Confrérie de la Lune Révéré

A step Trowa has needed to take ever since the breaking of the curse has unexpected consequences; now unpleasant truths must be faced by everyone, and Quatre is suddenly a completely different person.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Duo & Heero (primary), Quatre & Trowa (primary), Saitou & Sano | Rated 2 | | Language, sex, AU, Rurouni Kenshin characters | 120,183 words | Completed 11/2014 | ebook

She had time and optimism on her side. Others might not have such happy resources.

His Own Humanity: Consummate Timing

A surprise magical awakening leads Cathy to make an invaluable phone call at just the right moment.

Drama/Introspection | Quatre & Trowa (implied) | Rated 1 | | AU | 5,141 words | Written 05/2014 | ebook

Things could be better because he could work to make them better.

His Own Humanity: That Remarkable Optimism

Duo and Sano discuss relationships and magical experiences while Heero listens in on multiple levels.

Drama/Introspection | Duo & Heero (primary), Saitou & Sano (implied) | Rated 2 | | Rurouni Kenshin characters, Language, AU | 11,335 words | Written 06/2016 | ebook

When Duo was outside biting people’s necks, there was really no reason to be inside thinking about Relena.

I Am the Mask You Wear

Over the course of an evening spent trying to prevent Duo from annoying the neighbors more than strictly necessary, Heero finds an unexpected release from his usual inhibitions.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Duo & Heero, Quatre & Trowa | Rated 4 | | Sex, AU | 10,285 words | Written for the 2010 Moments of Rapture contest | ebook

The one aspect of the package Duo thought he could have done better than whoever had actually wrapped it was the tag. Because there wasn’t one.


An unusual Christmas present helps open Duo’s eyes on an important subject.

Drama/Romance/Introspection | Duo & Heero (primary), Quatre & Trowa | Rated 1 | | AU | 10,851 words | Written 12/2010 | ebook

“I’ve had a lot of really weird experiences in the past… but having a boyfriend I’ve never met is a new one.”

One Year, Two Minutes

Two busy high school seniors manage to avoid harassment about dating by pretending to be dating each other… but that’s always a little dangerous when the parties involved are this compatible.

Drama/Romance/Introspection | Duo & Heero (primary), Quatre & Trowa, Alex & Sylvia, Relena & Wufei, Noin & Sally | Rated 2 | | Language, Sex, AU | 28,898 words | Written for the 2012 Moments of Rapture contest | ebook

They hovered above the city and both looked out for the same absent person.

On Your Mark

Duo and Relena aren’t going to let a little thing like romantic rivalry get in the way of their friendship.

Drama | Duo & Heero (implied), Heero & Relena (implied) | Rated 1 | | 4,384 words | Written 11/2008 | ebook

His host was kind and friendly, yet had the form of a monster and had demanded of him a lifetime’s penitence for a trifling offense. His lifetime’s penitence took him forever from a family he loved, yet Quatre felt it not impossible that he might be happy here.

Rose Pale

Trowa is determined to remain at his master’s side through anything and everything, even if Quatre has sworn to spend the rest of his life in an enchanted palace in the middle of the forest, and even if their relationship can never become what Trowa really wants.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Quatre & Trowa (primary), Duo & Heero (primary), Additional unlisted pairing(s) | Rated 2 | | Language, sex, faerytale AU, angst | 134,520 words | Completed 02/2012 | ebook

Heero sighed inwardly and wished that, just once, he could have a first date without this period of awkwardness in the middle.

The Test

In response to Heero’s tendency to date the biggest jerks on the planet, his friends have developed a screening process for all potential boyfriends. This latest guy seems like he might be up to scratch, but only if he can survive The Test.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Humor | Duo & Heero (primary), Quatre & Trowa, Sylvia & Wufei | Rated 3 | | Sexuality, language, AU | 26,877 words | Written 01/2017 | ebook

That was the urge he felt: to travel, to go, to do… but there had been that stupid war.


After the war, Duo can’t seem to figure out what to do with himself.

Introspection | Duo & Heero (implied) | Rated 1 | | 1,958 words | Written 09/2015 | ebook

There came a time when the truth was more important than the fallout of the truth, and at such a time Heero would simply act.


A recent series of voicemail messages from Duo has brought Heero to a realization… and a decision.

Drama/Introspection, Humor | Duo & Heero (implied) | Rated 1 | | 3,548 words | Written 04/2015 | ebook

As yet there were no symptoms of neurological disorder, however contradictory it might be that Duo appeared so generally happy after coming so close to death.

Working Interview

Concerning Duo’s Near-Death experience and its results.

Drama/Introspection | Duo & Heero (implied) | Rated 1 | | 4,650 words | Written 11/2015 | ebook

Miscellaneous Fanfiction

Made Jayne wonder what Simon looked like naked, what else he might have hidden under all that frilly stuff.

The Changes in Things

Jayne notices Simon; River notices Jayne noticing.

Drama | Jayne & Simon (& River) (implied) | Rated 2 | | Sex | 850 words | Written 10/2005 | For Aletsan

“You’re always so honest. I feel like I could come to you about anything.”

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic:

Spike wonders whom to ask to spend Hearts and Hooves Day with him. Applejack may know.

Drama/Introspection | Applejack & Spike (implied), Other relationship(s) briefly implied | Rated 1 | 1,765 words | Written 11/2017 | NQF

…a light in the distance that only she could see, whose name was perhaps death, perhaps happiness…

Quest for Glory:
Pride of her Parents

Once a simple Shapierian thief, En Shevil finds herself become something she never wanted to be, and must embark on her own quest across Glorianna to redeem herself and reunite with the Hero she loves.

Drama/Romance/Adventure/Introspection | Hero & OFC | Rated 2 | | Language, violence, Mary-Sue | 151,384 words | Completed/Abandoned 02/2016

“Does that bloke out there know who we are?” Daniel wondered.

RPF/kinda Harry Potter:
Prison of Their Own Making

Tom Felton organizes a silly little reunion, and it gets sillier.

Humor | Rated 1 | 2,183 words | Written 11/2017 | NQF

It wasn’t that he wouldn’t come back at all. It was just that he wouldn’t come back her Horohoro

Shaman King (anime):
No More Pretending

Pirika knows that her close relationship with her brother can’t last or become what she wants it to be.

Introspection | Horohoro & Pirika (implied), Horohoro & Yoh (vaguely implied) | Rated 2 | | Incest | 669 words | Written 02/2006

Pirika was the one who’d gotten him to this point; it seemed like betrayal to question his relationship with her

Shaman King (anime):
No, More Pretending

Horohoro realizes and comes to grips with the true nature of his feelings toward his sister.

Introspection | Horohoro & Pirika (implied) | Rated 2 | | Incest | 958 words | Written 02/2007

He wasn’t defeated; he didn’t deserve this bizarre punishment, this world, and he would escape it yet

Silent Hill 2:
Another Source of Light

James may think he no longer needs Pyramid Head, but what if he hasn’t really learned his lesson?

Drama/Adventure/Introspection | James & Pyramid Head | Rated 4 | | Rape, violence, rape, language, rape | 3,462 words | Written 12/2010

Original Fiction

I took the egg, which was a great deal heavier than it looked. “Wow, this thing’s going to be big.”

The Harpist and her Dragon

Tixi Pax was a very normal rancher until a dragon entered her life; now she’s hopping worlds, getting herself kidnapped, playing magical harps, and possibly falling in love.

Drama/Adventure | F/F | Rated 2 | Language | 11,933 words

…these last minutes seemed to drag by like the long years of eternity

Just Ten More Minutes

A young woman is unbearably impatient.

Introspection | Rated 1 | | 455 words

“If I were to reveal to you the hiding place of a great treasure, would you abandon your evil, thieving ways?”

Treasure of the Ancient People

Two thieving sisters stumble upon an ancient secret that will change their lives.

Radio drama script (Drama/Adventure) | Rated 1 | 2,719 words

Not that he disapproved of deception in general — the life of a mercenary would be all the more difficult if he did — but trickery to make a statement or prove a point was not his style

The Worst Possible Way of Doing Things

Mercenary Gent Corrick would like nothing better than never to be mistaken for a woman again… and being coerced into posing as a woman to attend a dangerous gathering with another man is not going to help.

Drama/Adventure | Rated 2 | Language, violence | 18,759 words | In progress, last updated 03/2009

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