Since that last entry where I deplored my own lack of productivity, I have been quite productive, so good jobon me. If only I could figure out which episode stupid Hilde first appears in. But at least Plastic has no such roadblock. Also, image transfer is progressing apace. I can only do a few entries at a time, though, since the process is deathly boring.

The eighty million people in front of me on the library hold list for A River in the Sky finally finished reading it and let me have a turn, so that’s what I’ve mostly done today. It’s been so glorious out lately, I sat outside to read it ^__^ It was pretty good — not up to the standard of the rest of the series, but not bad. It’ll do fine in sequence with the rest, I think.

I managed to get the information on a new office that I’d heard about continually but that nobody seemed to know the location of, so now thems has my resume and will hopefully call me tomorrow and say, “WE WANT TO HIRE YOU AT $20/HR!!!!!” Then I will start making moneys again and will not have to wait on long library lists for new books I want.

Now it is my intention to play video games for several hours. And by that I mean work on GW fic with WoW open in another window.

2 thoughts on “Winsome

  1. If only I could figure out which episode stupid Hilde first appears in.

    According to (the best GW reference site, ever), she first appeared in episode 23. You can see all the episodes she was in on this page.

    Good luck with your resume! I hope they give you a job. ^_^

    1. WHY THANK YOU. I had looked around and found several things about her, but none that mentioned which freaking episode she first appeared in. And I’ve got a big gaping hole in my chapter waiting for me to reacquaint myself with her so I can write her properly! Now I shall do so.

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