Going through old entries, as before, and finding old memes I want to do again. This one was so funny before, I just had to redo it now.

– go to google images
– search for your answer to each question
– pick one image from the first page
– and post

1. The age you will be on your next birthday.

2. A place you’d like to travel

3. Your favorite place

4. Your favorite object

5. Your favorite food

6. Your favorite animal

7. Your favorite color

8. The town in which you were born

9. The town in which you live

10.The name of a past pet

11. The first name of a past love

(Hey, as I said last time, he did live in the past. Also, the site I got this image from {not that I don’t have a much better-quality version of it my own self} informed me that, according to the zodiac, Saitou and Sano are particularly compatible)

12. Your nickname/screen name

(Once again I had to skip to at least the second page of results on this, since most of the stuff came from my own site)

13. Your first name

14. Your middle name

15. Your last name

16. A bad habit of yours

17. Your first job

18. Your grandmother’s name

19. Your major in college

20. The song you’re listening to right now

Turns out the wordier or more abstract you are in your answers, the funnier the pictures you come up with. Though it’s also hilarious when you type in a very precise, one-word answer and still come up with something bizarre.