First and Foremost. Interview seemed to go really well. The place is cool and in a decent location, and the peoples there are nice. They used a lot of positive statements as if they already intended to hire me, but they’re going to call when they know for sure.

Second. I wrote, like, four parts of Plastic after I got home from that. It was soOoOoOo productive. Tomorrow I shall write more of that one. Or mayhap I shall work on something else. We shall see.

Third. Then I hung out with Zombie Girl for the rest of the day ^___^ It was awesome, and we talked about all the important things. Also I saw hummingbirds and snakes and tyrtle.

Fourth and Final. My all the acne in the world is back again. I thought I had it under control with a specific set of products in combination, but either my face has become immune to thems or that never worked and it was simply a period of unusually clear skin. Mou.