Sister P and nephew D are here and that is awesome. D calls my dad “mmpah.” It is maybe the cutest thing ever. Also the cutest thing ever was seeing both him and the dog going crazy at the same time trying to pop bubbles I was blowing in the back yard.

I had a phone interview today, and he’ll call me tomorrow if he wants me to come in for a real interview. The place is in Pueblo, but I don’t even care at this point. It could be in fucking Albuquerque and I’d probably still jump at it.

I hate it in WoW when someone a couple of levels above you, stumbling upon you making your way through a somewhat difficult area, decides to take you under their wing and guide you through wherever to wherever. (Especially goddamn paladins, but that’s just my prejudice against the class speaking.) In general it’s so nice of them that I never want to be rude and tell them to leave me the hell alone, but it means I have to start paying full attention to the game; and since a huge part of why I play WoW is because it helps me focus on writing or drawing while I play, I don’t want to have to pay full attention to the game. So usually I’m like, “Oh, I have to log after this quest; thanks for the help; good night!” and sign on to a different character.

My peoples finally got their second guild bank tab today, and then I had fun organizing all the minerals in it. Kokku could have used the money to get a flying mount, but Ayniwa needed the space. Oh, and Bryn is totally about to catch up with Kokkuja; hunters are so much easier to level. She’s been running around the Plaguelands lately with no trouble at all, and even Gartorion had trouble in the Plaguelands.

Today I worked on HR and the dramafest that is SaS 14, and made good progress on both. Tomorrow I shall continue in the same vein. Hopefully that guy will call. Also I will play wis D. La la la.