Interviews, SaS, Deedle

Well, I thought my interview today went really well (though that’s what I thought last time too XD), and then I have another one tomorrow. The first place, the ortho place, would be really convenient because they do two days a week at an office about half a mile from my house (though their other office is across town and then they do a Monday every other week in Calhan). The other place is the one in Pueblo, and they’re a general office. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

SaS 14 is pretty well finished, but I want to go over it a couple more times (and get a little closer to finishing 15) before I post it. Which I will probably do tomorrow after my interview.

So in one part of one book, someone is biting someone’s feet. And D always says at this point, “He eatee feet!” Subsequently, one character is biting another’s tail, at which point D says, “He eatee tai!” Well, last night we were on the way home from somewhere and the following conversation took place in the car:

P: He eatee feet?
D: No!
P: He eatee tail?
D: No!
P: He eatee pizza?
D: No!
P: He eatee fruit snacks?
D: No!
P: He doesn’t eatee anything, I guess.
D: He eatee mama!

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